Discover the highlights in the delicious gourmet offerings from L’Abarset! | Abarset

Discover the highlights in the delicious gourmet offerings from L’Abarset!

22 March 2024

L’Abarset’s mission is clear: to offer up-to-date, high-ranking and innovative dishes. That is why its offer is constantly changing and renewing. For example, in the restaurant, the menu is updated regularly under the expert guidance of Campoy, L’Abarset’s executive chef. His style? Combining worldwide produce with different techniques, ingredients and groundbreaking presentation, including his own characteristic touches.  

Innovation and a modern approach resulting in an exclusive menu, for all palates!

What is the common factor in L’Abarset’s main dishes? The smoked flavour from the BBQ. We also fuse mountain flavours with hints of salty see breezes, to create a unique, unforgettable experience. It’s a fact: you won’t find anything like it anywhere else; this is what ‘made in L’Abarset’ is all about. 

Still with the BBQ idea, which is so characteristic in our dishes, the season’s grand new feature is the Raw Bar, where the star product is premium quality. Apart from taking the greatest care over selecting and preparing ingredients, we add some explosive flavours with spices and citrus tastes, in a culinary nod to food from hotter climates. 

L’Abarset is The Peak of Après-ski, also in its dessert menu  

Our dessert menu, which we update every year, season by season, now includes three dishes inspired by the bid for the 2029 World Alpine Ski Championships. The dishes are named as follows: Avet, Àliga, La Neu. A statement of love for the combination of top-level skiing and gastronomy.


Save the date: the Snow Club Gourmet will be held on 23 March! 

Also, for connoisseur ski lovers, the Snow Club Gourmet will be held on 23 March – this is a private club where members can enjoy unique, theme-based culinary experiences. Grandvalira Soldeu - El Tarter has worked with 30 of the leading gastronomy brands to offer its members dinners, aperitifs, wine pairing and unique events, with famous personalities from the gourmet world. 

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